HTC One M8 WIFI Not Working (Fix)

July 31, 2015 admin 0

Many HTC One M8 owners have reported about Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Users may be unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network at all; or they may be able to connect but with very low speeds […]

Samsung Gear Fit Rebooting Loop – Fix

July 29, 2015 admin 0

Many users have reported that their Samsung Gear Fit devices just gets stuck in a reboot loop, which can sometimes be continuous. Follow the steps listed below to resolve the issue: Press and hold down […]

Moto E Battery Drain Issue – Solution

July 28, 2015 admin 0

Most smartphones tend to have battery life issues and the Moto E is no different. A lot of Moto E users have complained about rapid battery drain, especially after updating the OS. Battery life may […]

Moto E Restricted Access Changed?

July 28, 2015 admin 0

Many Moto E users have reported about issues with the cell reception. The network or cell service is lost, subsequently followed by a notification on the screen, “Restricted access changed. Emergency service is blocked.” This […]

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