Alchemy Android Game

When it comes to addictive games, the Alchemy android game is at the top of the list. One may also add frustrating to the list of adjectives used to describe the amazing game

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There are astonishing stories of how the game has captured the imagination of gamers; of couples trying to outdo each other.

The game is very simple in nature though. There are four elements that are available to the user at the beginning of the game. These four basic elements are water, earth, fire and wind. With the help of these elements, the players can make new elements and with the help of help of the newly created elements, they can create newer ones. The process and the game thus continues. The real challenge of the game is to create as many as elements as possible. Some individuals have been able to create only a hundred elements in a week, while others have touched 280 elements. However, the record stands at around 380 elements.

Once a new combination has been successfully created by a player, it gets saved to the list. The new combination can be accessed by you at any time from the list. All you need to do is just tap at the PLUS ‘+’ button. A big list of combinations, say around three hundred combinations may be problematic to maneuver. However, you can ease it by thrash some unwanted combinations. You can also get some information about the combination and its creation by dragging the combination to the Question ‘?’ icon.

Players can also avail of an ‘UNDO’ option. All you need to do is tap in the ‘UNDO’ option and it will direct you to purchase the Ad Removal Key over the internet for $2.95. Once the Ad Removal Key is bought, it gives you the option of undoing any creation that you have made.

It may sometimes be difficult to figure out how to add the combinations back to the play screen. There are a few ways to do that and some of them are listed below:

  • Long pressing an item allows an item to pass through and adds a check mark on them. Tapping on the add button allows the players to add the chosen items.
  • You can tap on the PLUS ‘+’ icon and then select the creation that you want to add to the screen
  • In case there are not very many creations, you can tap on the ‘add all’ button

When players access the game for the first time, there are several tips and instructions on how to play the game. It is good to quickly browse through them for better understanding of the game.

This game is a must have for all those individuals who like games that involve challenging the brain. Some of the combinations such as water+ fire= alcohol may not make sense. However, most of the combinations make sense and can be digested by the sane mind. One of the most funny combinations and a real favorite is alcohol+ man= alcoholic. It’s time for you to download and enjoy the game.

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