Android apps for tablets

The iPad is the market leader as far as the tablet market is concerned. However, the Android market for tablets is not far behind. The hardware for the Android tablet market is growing rapidly, with a new brand launched every week. Unfortunately, the number of apps that are currently available for Android tablets is not that many.

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Listed below are some of more popular and oft downloaded apps for Android tablets.

  • Kindle for Android: The Android tablet makes for a great e-reader. With the use of Kindle for Android, it is possible to directly access more than seven hundred and fifty thousand digital books that are present in’s collection. You can purchase books whenever you have connectivity and read as long as there is battery charge on the tablet. Most of the books are free while some may cost as low as $ 9.99, which is far less than a printed version. It is also possible to preview the books before purchasing them.
  • Google+ for Android: This is another app that allows you to check the updates of your social circle, add photos, check your stream as well as join and have your say in ‘huddles’.
  • Pandora Internet Radio for Android: There are many music streaming internet radio applications that are available for the Android platform. But when it comes to great quality catalogue of music as well as varied options to customize the app, none can beat the Pandora Internet Radio for Android. It is free to download and very simple to setup and use. All you need to do is create an account, login and then choose any band or artist of your choice. The app will then customize the station to be based around the band. Additionally, the station will also have analogous tunes that have been chosen by like minded users.
  • Poynt for Android: This is one of the most useful apps available for your Android tablet. The app can use the information provided by GPS or from user-input and show the nearest businesses, diners, bars, events and even gas prices. Additionally, it has a weather section, an integration of the address book and Google calendar that facilitates the rapid adding of events and contacts, options to check the local listings of movies and shows as well as gives the user the opportunity to book and buy tickets for the shows.
  • BattleBallz Chaos: This is one of the better games available for your Android either free or at a price of $ 1.25 as per the offers. The arcade-style, action packed game allows you to battle in a battlefield laden with several dangers. The game allows for one or two players; you can earn points, beat up the opposition and snatch the power-ups.
  • Amazon Appstore for Android: If you are looking for apps for Android tablet, then the Amazon Appstore for Android is one of the best alternatives to Google’s Android market. It has several options and cool features such as a test drive for any new software. In addition, there are many apps that are available for free, which are normally paid apps.
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