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There is a huge craze for TV apps on Android and why shouldn’t it be? After all, it is fun watching your favorite TV program while on the go.  Here are some of the live TV/video streaming apps for your Android Device.  Bear in mind that TV streaming apps can drain the battery, which means it is better that you have a battery nearby.

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1 VLC Stream and Convert –  Everyone knows about the ever-reliable, versatile VLC player.  Get the same flexibility on your mobile phone when you install the app. The free version is good but there may be a few limits that can be taken care of, once you go for the paid version.

2. –  This allows you to watch TV on your Android phone.  You can choose from many channels including  CBS, CBS News, Showtime, CNET.  You can see the episodes of your favorite programs free of cost.  It is certainly a fantastic TV app to  have, if you do not have your TV near you.

3. TV Show Stream –  You can watch TV shows directly on your Android device, full episodes in full screen with HD Quality.  The TV app checks the Internet for TV episode links that can be played on your Android device.   The app  runs on streaming videos over the Internet which means you would near an unlimited data plan or a nearby WI-FI.

4.  Mother TED –  TED videos are always inspiring, so if you want to watch them while on the move you can do so by downloading the freeMother TED app. With this, you can watch the latest TED videos based on themes, tags, talks etc.

YouTube Mobile app and Giant Bomb Beta are also very good TV Android app which are available free.

Fancy watching live sports on your Android device?  The DirecTV app is great.  If you’re a Super Fan subscriber, you can enjoy every NFL game LIVE including the Red Zone channel!

ESPN has also released a new app known as WatchESPN for Android that allows anyone who has a subscription to watch any of the channels on their network without paying a dime, provided they have a subscription with their cable provider.  The Android app WatchESPN for Android allows you to watch channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU, and live on your phone.

You can also go to the NBC Mobile and stream programs like The Tonight Show.  You don’t need to download the programs, you just stream them. You just have to click on the show or program and it will play on your Android Phone  You just have to paste on the browser of your phone and it plays on the Eris Video Player.

There is a TV schedule app also  in the form of ‘TV Listings for Android’  that you find on  It covers  more than 13000 channels in the US and encompasses hundreds of providers.  It also gives you an overview of what is on right now, including the shows, latest in movies, sports, live events. To remember your favorite shows, find movie ratings, filtering content, search for information, this TV app for Android is a winner all the way.

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