Best Android Apps for College Students

Here are the best Android apps for college students, that are cool and convenient.

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A lot of thoughts cloud your head before going to college. You are clueless about how the next four years will shape up and till now you have relied on hearsay to build a careful image of what college life might be like. You probably gear up for wild parties and keep dreaming about meeting the girl of your dreams.

While packing all the furniture and supplies you will need during your college tenure, there is one thing you should not forget – your trustable smart phone. It is simply something you cannot miss out on, irrespective of whether you are aspiring to become a drama geek, a stoner, topper or homecoming queen.

Get your collection of apps spot on, as apps are the life support of your Android. The following ideas are some ideas which you may find particularly useful during your college days.


Price – $2.99 (Purchased by google to improve Gmail)

Type – Mail Application

As soon as you enter college you will be given you new .edu mail address to add to your existing gmail, facebook, hotmail identities. So many mails might make it difficult to contend with Android’s default mail and you might find the need for a new, more customized app. That is when you should look to switch to Sparrow from Android’s default mail application. It unifies all your mails into one account. With provisions to reply, forward or star a mail with just a swipe of your finger it is probably just the mail application you were looking for to manage your mails efficiently. If you are using Facebook connect Sparrow even brings your profile pictures next to your name during a conversation.


Price – Free

Type – Chat Application

Socializing and adding new dimensions to your character define college days. So, if you want to walk on such a self exploratory path try out Grindr (for guys) or Blendr (for girls). The app functions by pulling off the names of everyone who has this app in your surrounding and showing a green dot to signify the online ones. Before starting a conversation you can look at a little bio information before clicking to start a chat. The app has more than 4 million users.


Price – Free

Deciding which activity to participate on might be difficult on free nights at college because you are not exactly aware of the schedule of some of your friends. Even if you are aware of the class schedule, most of your friends are involved in extra-curricular which have an ever changing schedule. But with this application all you need to do is look at what your friends are doing at the present moment and choose what you want to do. The biggest improvement this application has over Facebook events is it provides notifications for present events and not future ones. You can alternate your status between staying in, working, partying and relaxing out. If you are partying or relaxing out then you can also add location so that your friends can find you.

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