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Android is an operating system that is used in mobile devices such as tablet computers and smart phones. The Open Handset Alliance that is led by Google is responsible for developing the Android operating system.

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The theme on a phone or a tablet refers to the universal feel and look of a mobile device’s user interface. The theme may include background images, color schemes for highlights and menus as well as the shape and size of the folders and the icons. Any mobile theme package generally tends to contain graphics for one or several components of the device’s user interface that can be changed. Themes do not alter the basic functions or features of phones or other mobile devices, but affects only the visual appeal of the user interface.

The 21st century brought the dawn of the technological era which is considered by most to be impersonal and cold. The advent of improved communications that facilitate increased interactions among various individuals without ever having to meet face to face, has only added to the infamous reputation of this new age. However, there is a glimmer of hope in this fast-paced darkness as well. The use of themes in phones is one of the ways that lets the personality of an individual to shine through.

Technological gadgets such as mobile phones can be basic, monotonous or boring. But phone themes allow people to add their individual sensibilities to the phones and other communicable devices, thereby adding a touch of individual personality and glamor to these otherwise drab devices.

Android as an operating system has become very popular and is used widely by teenagers as well as adults. Hence, the list of Android themes that are provided below can be helpful to many Android users. The themes are very attractive and captivating, with each one trying to outdo the other in terms of colors and schemes.

One does not need to build a theme from scratch. Instead, the mobile phone users can choose any of the Android themes and immediately start using them. Each of the Android themes has an artistic appeal with various types of shades and depth that makes each one more enchanting and bewitching than other themes available in the market.

Most of the themes depict some form of mass appeal. Some themes may be based on movies such as the James Bond series or the Shrek series; some themes may concentrate on superheroes such as Spiderman or Iron man; some themes may depict musicians or rock bands such as Britney Spears or U2; some themes may be based on animals, hobbies or images of heroes or even supermodels; some themes may feature scenic landscapes while others may be based on popular video games.

Some of the best known and widely available Android themes are listed below:

  • FreekyBlur Theme
  • Android Little Big Planet Theme
  • Suave HDk Theme
  • Elite Pro HD
  • H1VE
  • Paper
  • GingerBread
  • Backyard
  • Shuimo
  • Android Star Dust Dark Theme
  • Cartoon Mob Theme
  • SWG Cream Theme
  • FROIS 02
  • Droid Theme
  • The Twilight Saga
  • Spring theme
  • Android HTC Heroine Pink Theme
  • Weather & Toggle Widget Theme
  • Tha Krom Theme
  • Sense
  • Skull theme
  • Stitch Theme
  • Elegant
  • Ice magic world
  • Marine animals Theme
  • Android Ubuntu Brown Theme
  • Bluest Day Theme
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