Best free games for Android

The Android Market is growing at a rapid pace with a number of new apps that flood the market every day. At this rate it will become the leading platform as far as apps are concerned. The growing demand for Android based games has made the developers come up brand new ideas and games. Some of the best Android games that can be downloaded for free are listed below. Enjoy!

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  • Angry Birds: This game by far is the pioneer of mobile games and is extremely popular among die-hard gamers as well as day-to-day users. The game has a simple plot which involves the players to destroy standing structures by slinging various kinds of angry birds at them with the help of a huge catapult-like slingshot. There are many franchises of the Angry Bird series such as the Angry Birds Seasonal and Angry Birds Rio. However, the original Angry Birds should always be the first choice as far as downloading the game to your Android phone is concerned.
  • Rocket Bunny: This game may seem silly and unusual but is a lot of fun. The game has a rocket-riding bunny that travels through space and saves other bunnies that are stranded on the different planets. In the process, the bunny has to evade space spiders as well as deadly mines. The game is really colorful and hence visually captivating.
  • Words With Friends: This is another free game that is highly entertaining. The game is multiplayer and can be played across platforms such as the iOS.  So, now you can joust with all your buddies, head to head and across several mobile platforms, in wordplay.
  • Replica Island: This game reminds you of the classic video games such as Mega Man and Super Mario Brothers. In the game the Google Android Robot in on an adventure where he dodges enemies and collects coins. The Droid can be maneuvered with the help of an accelerometer wherein you can slant the mobile device from one side to the other. There is also an on screen button that you can access to fire up the Droid’s jetpack. It is a long game with forty levels and definitely full of fun.
  • Slice It!: This game has become quite a rage among gamers and can be considered as a sleeper hit. The aim of the game is to slice structures into different surface areas and ratios. The beginning is easy, but can rapidly get complicated. The game has sixty levels with bewitching graphics and is definitely a brain buster.
  • Abduction: The game is similar to the iPhone game called Doodle jump. In the game, you need to navigate a constantly hopping cow from one place to another by tilting the phone from one side to the other. In this adventure, you also have to evade parachute bombs and catch the presents as you ascend. In addition, the players can also free other trapped creatures in the various levels. The game is highly addictive with various modes and a host of different backgrounds.
  • Air Control Lite: This is another highly popular game that is available for free. In the game, the players are given three landing strips; one each for big planes, small planes and for helicopters. The players then have to control the ever increasing traffic without causing a crash. The greater the amount of time spent with no crashes, the higher is the rank of the player.
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