The Best Multiplayer android games

There are very few games that we can enjoy on our own, and definitely not when we can have double the fun playing games with others.

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At the time of the launch of the Android operating system there were not many great multiplayer games. However, that has changed over the last few years and in 2011, there is a plethora of multilayer games in the Android Market that will thrill you to bits.

Some of the best Android cross platform and pass and play multiplayer games such as action games, the universally popular Words With Friends, MMOPRG’s as well as casual games are listed below, and you can choose the one that best suits your wants.

  • Parallel Kingdom: With the help of Google Maps, this game uses the actual location of the players along with a Zelda-like overlay to illustrate to the players, things such as creatures lurking in the vicinity as well as mythical beasts that you may encounter while walking down the street. The players can plot and chat with others that facilitates the navigation in the amplified reality that surrounds you.
  • Pocket Legends: This mobile MMO has won several awards and acquired lot of critical acclaim which includes a Mashable nod at the 2010 Mashable Awards ceremony conducted last year. In the game, you can choose the type of character, organize your skills and abilities and battle along with other players in visionary settings such as mountains, dungeons and swamps.
  • Cestos: This is a multiplayer game that is played in real time and pits one player against others playing the game across the world, in a marble battle royale. It is possible to chat with other players and the longer you play, the greater are the chances of you winning and unlocking the most goodies which include marble modifications.
  • Raging Thunder: It is a multiplayer and cross platform racing game. This game allows the players to contest with up to 3 other players in an arcade-reminiscent setting.
  • ProjectINF: The game allows up to twenty two players per game and is played in real time. Some of the features of this excellent MMORPG game include multiple maps, various character types, game modes and customizable stats.
  • iMobsters: In case you are enchanted by the Mafia, then you should definitely go for iMobsters. It is an MMO game, set with mobster trappings. The players tend to start up as trivial thieves who fight with one another and gradually rise through the ranks with the continued recruitment of new mobsters.
  • 4 Player Reactor: This can be a hold and play OR a pass and play game. The game allows you and up to three other buddies to play jointly on the same gadget in a rapid-paced battle of reflexes and wits.
  • Guerrilla Bob: This was originally a big hit in the iOS gadgets and has won many awards. This first-person shooter game is currently available as a multiplayer, cross platform game on Android, as well. The features of game include an arsenal of explosive ammunitions, bad-ass weaponry, perennial humor and distinctive enemies.
  • Words With Friends: This game is just like scrabble and equally sweet and captivating. The players can find each other by the username. The game also has the added feature of chat which creates a personal touch to the game.
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