Bible app for Android

Most of us who own an android smartphone use the device as the major mobile gadget. The bible apps listed below offer various options such as questionnaires, complete bibles as well as access to online Christian communities. Most of the apps listed below can be used and downloaded for free.

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AcroBible Lite: This bible app has the King James Version bible in its entirety. The app includes many features such as bookmarks, navigation, a subject index and keyword searches.

Bible: On can start out with this bible app for android that allows on to bookmark, search and access any verse of the bible. There are several translations that are available and some of them include the NIV, KJV, ESV, CUVS and NLT.

Amplified Bible – BibleReader: This bible app for android has the complete features that make it one of the best apps for bible study and reading activities. The unique ‘tap and store’ features gives one the option to store study tools for free.

CrossConnect ESV Bible: One can use this bible app for android to browse through the bible chapters by swiping to the left or right. Some of the additional options in the app include a verse-of-the-day widget, audio and Bible verses by reference.

LiveBible: The bible app for android has an amazing bible web browser that supports ASV, AMP and KJB among others and even includes translations.

Bible- Daily Light: This devotional and inspirational bible app for android is really popular among users. Users can work with it even when offline and can avail of morning and even studies as well as offline bible readings.

iChristianCircle: This bible app for android allows all the devotees to avail of a great support system from a community of Christians. With the help of this app, one can discuss the many ways of parenting, get the bible queries answered, learn about homeschooling and do several other things.

Hebrew Bible: This bible app for android is completely written in the Hebrew font. It allows one to zoom in and out whilst reading and also gives the option to conduct a full-bible search. However, one needs a Hebrew keyboard in order to use this bible app for android

Bible Proverbs: This bible app for android allows the access of the entire KJV Proverbs. The commentary of Matthew Henry accompanies each verse. Additionally, it allows users to avail of a full-text search and also bookmark favorites.

VirtueBible FE: This is a great bible app that has multiple features such as flowing reading, the use of a highlighter, search, memory, the capability to add new translations and history

Bible In A Year: This app is a great asset to those who have trouble reading the complete bible. The app has a daily reading plan which includes weekly encouragements and thus allows you to read the entire bible in a year

Bible YouVersion: This bible app for android is available in 22 languages and has 41 different translations. Other options include a search features that allows users to look for a verse, word or phrase in the entire bible and a one-year reading guide. It is also possible for the devotees to learn from others by checking the latest contributions

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