Top 10 Camera Apps for Android

Looking for great camera apps for your Android phone ? Here are some of them that can work wonders
  • Camera MX –  This is one of the most creative camera apps for your Android Phone. You can combine effects and photo frames live in this camera. You can also optimize and edit your pictures to share them on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Flick and Twitter.  Though this app is free, you can also unlock an effect package that can give you more things to do with this app for just $0.99 (£0.79). There are more than 20 customized real-time photo effects like Color Splash, Pop Art, Sepia, Black and White etc.
  • Fast Burst Camera Lite –  You can take up to 30 pictures per second with this camera application for your Android device.  This is one of the fastest camera apps available in the Android Market.  You can take 30 photos per second and on low-end devices, you can take 5-10 photos. There is no shutter lag, picture are taken as soon as the button is pressed.
  • Night Vision Camera – This is the best night vision camera app for your Android device. This application maximizes automatic adjustment of pictures to improve in the night or low light conditions. T he image quality produced is of a much better value than the night mode on your device.
  • Camera Effects –  You can take great pictures with this Android app and add amazing effects.  With this app,  you can take superb photo effects like Thermal, Lomo, Black and White, Holga and such other filters. There is an adequate zoom functionality also.
  • Camera Illusion – Add cool effects to your pictures with this app that includes filters, masks and many such image enhancing elements. Not only is the app used by a regular user but also by professionals and artists.
  • GIF Boom –  This camera app for Android phone can help you create GIF images and share them on various social media websites. Plus, you can also change the speed of images in the GIF Boom.
  • Camera Zoom Fx –  This is an award winner camera app for Android,  this one makes you image capturing a really good experience. The Life Hacker has even called it the best camera app for Android.  You can also benefit from the Optical Mode  and other modes like Burst Mode and Timer Mode.
  • Paper Camera –  This app helps you visualize photos like  a sketch drawn on paper or a cartoon.  You can see the real world  in a paper mode with Paper Camera.  Another app is Cartoon App which gives you cartoon image of the photos that you click.
  • HDR Camera – Many may argue that high quality pictures are captured only by DSLR camera. HDR camera app for Android enhances the quality, resolution of images and  you will find picture quality that can rival that of a DSLR camera.
  • AfterFocus – Do you like the picture you have clicked but feel that the background has ruined a great pic ? Fear not, AfterFocus is a great Android app that can blur out background elements that you do not want, with a couple of finger swipes.
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