HTC One vs iPhone 5

April 8, 2013 admin 0

The big question these days arise whether to go with Android phone or non-Android phone while buying a new top-end smartphone for yourself. If it is Android then which is the best. Industry observers say […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs HTC One

April 8, 2013 admin 0

Both the devices are the best in the industry and eligible to compete with iPhones. HTC One is equipped with high-grade unibody design, gorgeous display and lightning quick Qualcomm processor. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is […]

HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z

April 8, 2013 admin 0

HTC One smartphone lures potential customers with UltraPixel camera and Beat Audio system apart from other features. Sony Xperia Z on the other hand is thin and comes with waterproof body. Both the phones are […]

HTC Butterfly vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

April 7, 2013 admin 0

The big-sized smartphone market is gradually heating up. Mobile makers are showing equally good interest in producing smartphones with 5-inch screen or more, usually called as phablet, a device which is samrtphone as well as […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

April 7, 2013 admin 0

Haven’t you always considered HTC to be one of the most undervalued mobile phone brands? Well, they have been around for quite a while now and have always been at par with some of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3

March 24, 2013 admin 0

The day the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released in May 2012, it was just a few hours before everyone was talking about the Galaxy S4. It’s not that the S3 wasn’t a remarkable phone or […]

iPad Mini vs Galaxy Note 8.0

March 23, 2013 admin 0

The iPad has been killing the market in terms of tablet sales for as long as we can remember and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. But the Galaxy Note 8 has officially been announced […]

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