Dropped Galaxy S4 in Water ?

August 26, 2013 admin 1

Dropped your Galaxy S4 in water or toilet ? Well, you can still make it work if you follow these instructions – Take your phone out of the water or liquid immediately.  It is tempting […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Charging

August 25, 2013 admin 0

Many users have reported issues of Samsung Galaxy S4 not charging or slow charging, which holds true for Galaxy S4 Active as well. Here is the workaround – Ideally, the phone should take two hours […]

Galaxy Note 2 won’t connect to Kies

February 27, 2013 admin 0

Like other flagship phones, there are issues, which cause troubles among Galaxy phone users and need solutions. One aspect is that some Galaxy S2 users claim their phone does not connect to Kies app. Kies […]

How to set up Google Now

October 6, 2012 admin 0

Google Now is Google’s latest smart application for Android; that acts, as an intelligent personal assistant and is included in the latest Jelly Bean. Well, it is not just an application – it is a […]

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