Cheap android tablets

When we look for a purchase a tablet, we compare the ones that are available in the market with the functionality of the Apple iPad. It is however unfortunate that tablets with such functionality also tend to match the pricing standards of the iPad.

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Many of the widely desired Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and others are almost as expensive as the iPad, and most of us are not willing or able to shell out that kind of money.

However, in this modern technological era, the majority of us do not need to fret anymore. There are several tablets that fall within our budgets and most of them are not very different from the high-end tablets as far as major functionalities are concerned.

Some of the cheap Android tablets are listed below:

  • Advent Vega: There are several features of this tablet that are going to impress you ate first sight. An excellent web browsing experience, a receptive touchscreen, support for Flash and the superchip Nvidia Tegra 2 complete this striking tablet. However, the tablet does not run on the latest Android operating system and even though the resolution is good the screen cannot be clearly viewed from different angles. But all these shortcomings can be overlooked, because the tablet is available at a stone cold bargain of under $ 300.

  • AOC Breeze: The biggest plus point of this tablet is the aesthetic construction. For the budget price, the tablet is stylishly designed. The AOC Breeze is also another tablet that has the built-in Android Market, which adds that additional potential to the tablet. However, there are some shortcomings such as a resistive touchscreen and a lower than normal screen resolution at 800 X 600 pixels. The budget price though more than makes up for the weak screen specifications.

  • Creative Ziio: As far as tablets are concerned the Creative Ziio 7 inches is not something that will take away your breath with style, design and functionalities. But the tablet is not very expensive and available at an unbelievable price of under $ 300. Additionally, it is very light at only 412 grams, is thin enough and has brilliant quality of sound.

  • Archos 101: This is one of the tablets that combines the right price with most of the essential functionalities. The screen as well as internet browsing experience is receptive to multi touch gestures and the performance is smooth and powerful. The ten inch screen allows you to view vivid, colorful and vibrant images in complete clarity. There may some reflective issues with the screen, but can certainly be overlooked for its amazingly low price.

  • Disgo Tablet 6000: This tablet comes with a 1 GHz processor and a 7 inch screen and at a budget price. Therefore, it becomes a strong contender when one is looking for a cheap tablet. Other specifications of this strong performance oriented tablet include a powerful build, several ports such as an HDMI and much more. Some drawbacks of the tablet include the absence of an onboard Android Market and a screen resistive touchscreen technology.

  • ViewSonic ViewPad 7: This seven inch tablet comes with an onboard Android Market that allows the users to have instant access to the thousands of apps that are available for the Android operating system. The performance is not much to write home about, but the budget price makes up for its many shortcomings.
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