Free Racing Games for Android

Some of the best free racing games for android are listed below:

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  • CSR Racing: It is a no-frills drag racing game. Players only need to time the gear changes to perfection; the steering takes care of itself. There are indicators which inform you about making the next shift. When the ride is adequately upgraded and your timing is near perfect, you will find it quite easy to cross the finish line much before your competitors and get some winnings. High-end cars can be purchased using premium currency, while other cars can be bought with standard currency. The latter can also be used to upgrade varied parts like the engine, gear box, body, intake, etc. CSR Racing gives you a racing experience that is primarily dependent on how good you are with your reflexes.
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne: It is currently one of the best racing games for your android smartphone. It does not pretend to be realistic, but rather offers the fun of playing a high-octane, over-the-top game adorned with all the fixings. Players can pay or work across the career mode, upgrade their current rides and/or unlock new ones, or compete online in live or staggered multiplayer. You will also come across the normal race modes along with a new addition called the ‘infected’ mode wherein players need to tag other racers before they become victims of an explosive virus.The graphics are clean and polished while the soundtrack is simply awesome. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled trip that you will remember for some time.
  • Death Rally: It is a tenacious, top-down, combat-laden racing title. Players get to adorn their ride with all sorts of style and accessories along with Mad Max-like weaponry. You need to eliminate opponents in varied races and face-on death matches. Every battlefield is littered with weapon parts, nitro speed boosts, and cash bonuses. The best part about Death Rally is the fact that you can earn some cash just by blowing up some competitors; you need not necessarily finish at the top to get some Benjamins. This free racing game for android is ideal for those looking to offload some of their road rage.

  • Beach Buggy Blitz: It is an easy, light, fun-filled, and kid-friendly racing game that lets players cruise along a tropical beach coast. You need to hit as many progressive checkpoints as possible before the allotted time on the timer is over. The coins gathered along the way can be used to upgrade your buggy. It is also important to avoid the animals, different huts, and other racers as hitting them will slow down the buggy. The graphics are smooth and colorful, including some fantastic lighting, dust, and rippling water-effects.
  • Forever Drive: It is an imaginative, top-down racing game that is very stylish. Players need to tap or tilt their rides to make their way across an endless sequence of user-created tracks till the timer runs out. You can buy additional time by hitting the checkpoints. You will also come across many bonus objectives worth additional points on every course. It is important to avoid hitting the walls as well as avoid traffic, as any impact can slow you down and terminate the score multiplier. Over time, players can win experience points, go up levels, and lay their hands on new license plates and cars. You can also fast-track the process by opting for the in-app purchases. The highlight of this free racing game for android is the stark, smooth, Tron-like graphics that create a simply magnificent ambiance. Players can also create and submit their own racetracks which are then made available in the user base.
  • Fast & Furious 6:It is a drag racing game inspired by the series of the well-known action movies. In both online and single player races, you need to shift gears at just the correct moment so as to leave your competitors behind and get ahead in the ranks. You can spend the winnings to upgrade your rides and take part in the more challenging and bigger races. Also, unlike other free drag racing games for android, Fast & Furious offers a drifting mini-game where you can hold and release the drift button inside particular target zones to get the best race time. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is varied.
  • GT Racing 2: It is a fabulous, pro-racing-styled, free game for android. You can go to the higher levels via many single-player races where you get to earn awards and prestige which can later be redeemed for upgrading and buying new rides. It even comes with an online multiplayer option. GT Racing 2 also comes with another option called the ‘Perfect Line,’ which guides players about the correct way to drive across a course so as to get the most effective turns and also earn bonus points. It is a game that is competitive, eye-catching, and offers many recognizable cars for your enjoyment.
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