Galaxy Note 2 Problems: Cracked or Broken Screen

Like many other smartphone devices, there are always flaws, which create hitches in user experience. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is certainly an impressive device but despite its amazing features, it has also encounters faults, which in one way or the other need to be fixed. Quite a few users report that their phone scratched or cracked following an accidental drop.

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The Galaxy Note 2 phone is designed with a big screen measuring 5.5 inches and incorporates the state-of-the-art Gorilla Glass 2, which is tough and could resist any scratches or cracks in typical accidental falls.

In most of the drop tests, this device has performed pretty well though these testes are not hugely scientific meaning that there could still be flaws that could cause cracks upon drops. Considering the mammoth screen the phone could be vulnerable to cracking on impact with floor or objects in a fall or drop situation.

In addition, because the Note 2 is little more difficult to handle than small devices, it could easily fall accidentally. There are ways you can protect your phone from accidents drop which result to cracking or scratching and they include having phone insurance or installing your Galaxy Note 2 with a quality case.

Smartphone cases are designed to ensure that they protect the expensive phones from damages, which could arise when they fall accidentally. When your Galaxy Note 2 phone cracks or scratches the screen, you should have a replacement. The most important thing is where you get the replacement.

By going to a Samsung store where you purchased it may be quite expensive although it is the safest option. Alternatively, you could seek local repair with a primed smartphone repair shop where a replacement is done. You could also buy the glass and replace it yourself if you are a tech savvy and understand the repair issues of these devices.  When you are sourcing parts for your phone, be careful on the store you source from so that you do not get inferior quality parts.

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