Galaxy Note 2 won’t connect to Kies

Like other flagship phones, there are issues, which cause troubles among Galaxy phone users and need solutions. One aspect is that some Galaxy S2 users claim their phone does not connect to Kies app. Kies Air is an application designed to allow users easily manage contents that are saved on their device via PC internet connection or through mobile browser using Wi-Fi connectivity. With this tool, and without having to connect any cables, you can use different functions within a browser such as music listening, multimedia transfer, text message, PIMS management, file search and others. 

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In essence, this app enables you to share wirelessly and manage your mobile device via your internet browsers. If your Samsung Galaxy S2 is not connecting to Kies, perhaps the below tips or suggestions could help you. You need to follow these steps;

  • First remove your data cable from your PC.
  • Go to Setting and select Application and the to Development
  • In the Development tab, if the USB debugging feature is not selected or highlighted, then select it and deselect again
  • After that, try to connect your Galaxy S2 with your PC or Laptop. 

This may resolve the issue. 

Another user claimed of experiencing the same issue. The user said that his Galaxy 2 could not be detected by Kies Air app on either windows 7 or Ordinary.  He has also upgraded Android 2.3.4 after rooting. The following tips from could perhaps help fix the issue. If the phone is upgraded to android 2.3.4 and above and Kies stops recognizing the phone and USB port connection or serial port connection, then perhaps what you need is to do reset on the phone. However, if proper drivers are properly installed in your laptop or PC with Windows 7 and they are not being recognized, then the problem may be with the phone. In addition, if the device manager shows “unknown device” or updating the driver does not show results, then your solution lies on the phone.

  • You can start by keying in the dialer number *#7284#
  • You will get four options there which are; UART (MODEM/PDA) and  USB (MODEM/PDA)
  • In the UBS options, you need to select PDA. If the PDA is already selected, you need to reselect it again by going to Modem and then choosing PDA. Ensure that you only change the USB setting and the Press back.
  • Try to reconnect. Your laptop should start recognizing the required drivers and you need to install them.

Other users have reported that they have resolved the problem of Kies Air not recognizing their Galaxy S2 by just doing simple steps like;

  • Unplugging the USB cable
  • Switching off the Phone
  • Switching on the Phone
  • Plugging in the USB cable

This simple step works for some users every time their Kies does not work regardless of the windows versions they are using. You may try this to see if it will work for your phone.

Another user commended that by unplugging the cable and cleaning the port with a tiny brush to remove dust or plaque could help. There may be a disconnection due to accumulation of dust.

Moreover, another user claimed that he tried to follow the tricks from different Galaxy S2 forums on how to fix the problem of Kies Air not recognizing his phone. Apparently, the problem seemed to be within the cable. After toiling with the phone for several months with no solution, the user found the problem to be within the cable. The user had mixed up the USB cables. 

He had been using the cable that came with his hands free kit that he obtained from a third party which had the same plug pins. The cable had same number of pins as found within the connector but it seems that it had problems in connecting to the PC. The user then found his cable in the car and connected it and amazingly, Kies detected his phone.

If perhaps you are facing the same problems and non of the above tips tries to resolve it, you may need to try something different. If Kies Air app does not recognize that your Galaxy Samsung S2 is connected to your computer through USB, you may need Synchronizing the Samsung Galaxy S2 with Kies. These are the steps to help you out;

  • First disable any anti-virus software on your computer or laptop
  • Go to the Kies installed directory and you will find this on-  “C:\Program Files\Samsung\Kies”
  • In that directory, there is folder named “USB Driver” and in this folder, there is a file named: “SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe”
  • You need to run this file again and it will install the correct USB drivers for your Galaxy S2phone. 

Allow Kies to synchronize with your phone. Ensure that you re-boot the PC and phone after the above procedure before you allow sync to Kies. In addition, also remember to disable antivirus after rebooting and enable it after synchronizing.

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