GPS app for Android

GPS is designed to accomplish various difficult responsibilities that would not be possible with a wireless data system. This GPS app is very useful to seek out things and people who are missing or cannot be found. With introduction of new expertise many GPS apps for android have been prepared.

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Some of the top GPS apps for android are as follows:

Wise Pilot: WisePilot is useful to organize all the plans on the internet especially if a person is thinking of going on a journey. In such a case one can design the whole journey from beginning to the end. This also includes locations for food and filling of fuels. This entire journey can be planned on the internet, and for all this Wise Pilot GPS app for android is helpful.

Locale: Locale is said to be one of the best apps for android because it is very useful in altering the settings on the handset. It helps to set various tasks on the handset after getting the settings defined. One can set the handset to change the mode of the handset to become silent when in meeting, or set a reminder to update the handset as soon as the person reaches office. Likewise many tasks are programmed and will perform its function as per our desires and needs. But this is possible only for android phones.

Google Maps Navigation: This facility is only for android 1.6 or more. Google Maps Navigation is said to be the most widely liked and used GPS app for android. It has many uses which other GPS apps for android cannot perform, like the ability to provide satellite as well as street views.

Places Directory: Places Directory helps to look through the nearby locations in different fields like banks, hotels, theatres, etc. This GPS app for android will help to know the time required to travel and the different ways to reach the particular place. Also, if ranking and photographs have to be known, then it can be done by tapping on the particular list. In order to see the place one can also see it on Google Maps.

Loopt:  Loopt GPS app for android has several features that allow the users to share their locations with other users of the app who are on different mobile service providers such as Boost, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Metro PCS. Also it updates the locations which helps the person to know when friends are close by. One can also change the modes and know timely traffic details. Apart from this Loopt GPS app for android can also share details with Blogs, web sites, Facebook and Twitter.

Co Pilot: Co Pilot is useful for people who travel frequently. The software of Co Pilot can be used on map that is loaded on the memory card of the handset. This GPS app for android has an interface which can be used easily even when driving. Voice alerts are good but the app is not very good for Street view.

Glympse:  It can be used with T-mobile G1 GPS so as to locate places and after that one can pass on the link with the same place to friends, associates and others.


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