How to delete bloatware on Sony Xperia phones

Sony Xperia phones are great and are a formidable competitor to both Apple and Samsung phones, sometimes even surpassing them in certain features.  But Sony has loaded their phones Xperia Z1 and the Z2 with too many apps that one will never use, especially when people are pretty happy with Google apps and independent video players like VLC and MX Player. So, these apps of Sony have earned the name ‘bloatware’ because they do not but sit up on your phone with many users not using it.

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You cannot delete the bloatware on Xperia phones but you can disable them and prevent them from coming on your screen. Go to Settings –Apps and disable the apps from the ‘All’ panel. Though you may find that disabling an app causes the phone to act weirdly, do not panic, just enable the app and the phone should work normally.

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