HTC One M8 – Email app does not work (Fix)

HTC One M8 tends to have problems with its email app, especially when it comes to getting search results.  Mostly, it has been seen that the problem crops up with Yahoo more than any other email provider. Here are some steps to resolve the problem –

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  1.  Open the Menu button on the Home screen.
  2.  Tap the apps, and tap the ‘mail icon’. Now tap ‘other’ (POP3/IMAP)
  3. Enter your Yahoo account-related information in the fields

At times, you may come across errors while doing this, so you may do the following –

Tap Manual Setup.


Key in the following server setting information:

Incoming server:

Port #: 993

Security type: SSL (accepts all certificates)

Outgoing Server:

Port #: 465

Make sure that the other settings are all the same. Complete the set-up process.

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