HTC One M8 App Won’t Connect with TV

The HTC One M8 comes with an IR blaster which allows the phone to act as a TV remote. However, some owners have reported that the HTC TV app does not connect with the TV. When trying to set it up, users usually get the error message, ‘Unable to retrieve data.’

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Follow the steps listed below to resolve the issue:


  • Ensure that the TV app is updated. It seems that an older version had more problems and bugs than the latest one.
  • Ensure that the app is supported by the service provider. It may be noted that some service providers are incompatible with the app.
  • Clear the data for the TV app by going to Settings – > Apps and locating the HTC TV app. Now run the setup process once again.
  • When the setup process is being run, ensure that it be being done correctly and that each and every step is diligently completed. In case, if the first try does not succeed then try to setup once again. Occasionally, the app may need to be setup a few times before it can pick up and process all the necessary information.
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