HTC One M8 – Extreme Power Saving Mode Missing?

One of the most awesome features of the HTC One M8 is the ‘extreme power saving’ mode. This feature send the device into a stage that is almost like hibernation and only permits minimal information to come through, thereby allowing the phone to keep working for nearly 15 hours on just 5 percent of total battery life.

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Some users, especially those in the United States, have however reported that the ‘extreme power saving’ mode is not available in their devices. This is because the carriers in the US are shipping HTC One M8 handsets with an older version of the OS that does not have the battery saving feature. It may be noted that the ‘extreme power saving’ feature in available in OS versions version 1.54.401.5 and above.

HTC One M8 extreme power saving mode

In order to resolve the issue, Settings – > Software Updates – > tap on Check Now and verify if there are any new updates. Download and install any and all updates that may show up. The new update will add the power saving mode onto the OS. Also, regularly visit the updates and download and install any and all updates available in the future.

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