HTC One M8 LED Not Working – Fix

Many users of the HTC One M8 smartphone have reported that the LED does not work properly. The LED usually flashes when there are notifications like a new text message or new emails. Most users have stated that the LED on their HTC One M8 works for low battery notification and charging notification; it may grow green or orange, but the light is usually dimmer than normal. The LED however does not flash for all notifications.

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Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

htc one m8  led

  • Ensure that the notification light option is turned on for all the apps that you wish to get notifications for. This can be done by going to Settings – > Display & Settings – > Notification.
  • If the issuer persists, restart the device. For this, ensure that the phone is turned on. Now press and hold the power button to get the options. Then tap on the option ‘restart.’ Tap on restart again to confirm. This is like a soft reset and does not delete any data from the phone.
  • The LED malfunction issue may also occur due to interference by corrupt app or apps. User may check this by booting the device into safe mode. Non-system apps do not work in safe mode. Thus, if LED works fine in safe mode, then it can be concluded that the issue is due to conflicts with some third-party app or apps.
    • If the LED problem is being caused by an app or apps, then users may go to Settings – > Apps – > swipe to the ‘All’ tab and find the culprit app. In most cases, the conflict app is most likely to be associated with messaging.
    • It may be noted that some Verizon customers found success after they disabled ‘Verizon Messages’ and then restarted the HTV One M8.
  • To launch safe mode,
    • Keep holding the power button till the options are visible on the screen
    • Now tap and hold the ‘power off’ option till the option ‘reboot to safe mode’ appears on the screen.
    • Tap on ‘restart’ option to confirm
    • The phone will boot into the safe mode. It can be recognized by the words ‘safe mode’ which appear at the lower left corner of the display.
  • Alternatively, or if the above steps do not work, users may launch safe mode by,
    • Press and hold the power button to completely turn off the HTC One M8
    • Now press and hold the power key till the HTC logo appears on the screen.
    • Let go of the power button and then press and hold the volume down button till the option ‘safe mode’ is seen on the left side of the display.
    • In order to exit safe mode, press and hold the power key and then tap on the ‘restart’ option to confirm.
  • The above process of uninstalling each app can be tedious as well as time consuming. Users may skip it and directly factory reset the device to its original factory settings. However, this will delete everything from the phone, including the apps as well as important data. Hence, back up the data before doing a reset. Also, the reset process may take some time to finish. Hence, you may either plug the M8 into a charger or ensure that the battery is fully charged before proceeding to reset the device. To perform a factory reset via the screen settings,
    • Go to Settings – > tap on Backup & Reset
    • Tap on the option ‘Reset phone’
    • Select the option ‘Erase all data’ so as to delete all data from the phone’s storage
    • Select the option ‘Erase SD card’ so as to all data from the storage card.
    • Tap on ‘ok’
  • The above step may sometimes not work, because of an unresponsive screen, or due to some other problems. In such cases, users can factory reset the M8 with the help of the hardware buttons present on the device. To do a factory reset using the hardware buttons,
    • Press and hold the power button till the phone is completely turned off.
    • Now, press and hold the ‘volume down’ key and then press the power key for a short time. Release or let go of the volume down button when an icon appears on the screen.
    • Now, press the hardware buttons in following sequence to factory reset the HTC One M8: Volume up, then volume down, then power, then volume down.
  • If the issue persists, then contact HTC support or visit a service center for further assistance, including phone repair or replacement.


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