HTC One M8 LED Notification – Not Working

Some people have reported problems with HTC One M8 LED not flashing for notification. In some cases, the LED light is visible during low battery or charging, indicating an orange or green but it still remains more on the dimmer side.  So how do we counter this problem? Here are some options –

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  • Go to Settings – Display and Gestures – Notification Light and check out if it is turned on for the notifications.
  • Boot your device into Safe Mode- Sometimes; you may see that the LED not working issue is related to a particular app.  You can verify this by making your phone boot into safe mode. You can do this by holding down the Power Button till you get some options.  Tap and press the ‘power off’ till ‘Reboot to Safe Mode’ option comes and then presses ‘Restart’. You are going the right way if you see the words ‘Safe Mode’ at the bottom corner of the screen to the left.  Another thing that you can do is turn your HTC One M8 off completely, and then press and keep holding the Power Button, till you see the HTC logo appearing.  Leave the Power button; press and hold the volume button down, till you see safe appearing on the left side, at the bottom. Hold the power button and choose ‘Restart’ to come out of Safe Mode.

  •  Find out which app is causing the LED problem on your phone. For this, you have to go to Settings – Apps and All Tab.  Often message relating apps tend to be the issue.  Verizon uses have found that by disabling Verizon messages and restarting the phone, they have got rid of the LED notification problem on their HTC One M8. You can also check out every app on the phone or do a factory-reset and reinstall the apps.
  • In case, the apps seem fine and nothing happens even after doing the above 3 steps, it may be a hardware problem and you may have to replace your phone.
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