HTC One M8 – No SIM Card Error (Fix)

Many HTC One M8 owners have complained of occasional SIM card detection errors on their phones. Users have reported that an error message about non-detection or improper detection of the SIM card tends to pop up at random on the screen of the M8. This tends to occur many times over the course of a day, without any set pattern or any known/specific cause.

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Follow the steps listed below to resolve the issue:

  • Go to Settings and then toggle the Airplane mode option, i.e., turn it off and on a few times. Finally, turn it off and then check.
  • Use a pin or a paper clip to pop out the SIM card tray and then remove the SIM card from its slot. Now, carefully reseat or readjust its position in the tray and then re-insert the tray back into its slot.


  • The error may be occurring if the SIM card is loose in the tray. Users may add a few thin layers of tape on the sides of the SIM card while ensuring that the gold plates on the SIM card are not covered by the tape. This will thicken the card and prevent it from shaking loose. Place the SIM card in the tray, insert the tray into its slot, and then check.
  • Soak some alcohol into a microfiber cloth and carefully clean the gold plates with it. Ensure that the card does not get damaged during the cleaning process. Also, make sure that the SIM card is completely dry before it is placed back into the tray and re-inserted into the SIM card slot in the phone.
  • A Nano SIM is used in the HTC One M8 smartphone. If a micro-SIM has been cut into a Nano SIM and then used in the M8, then it is possible that the SIM may have been damaged during the cutting process. You may use the card in some other phone and check if it works. If it does not work, then the SIM card is faulty. Users need to contact the carrier to get the faulty SIM replaced.
  • If the SIM card error persists, then contact HTC support or visit a service center for further assistance.
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