HTC TV App does not connect to TV – Fix

There is an IR Blaster in your HTC One M8 device that makes your smartphone function as a TV remote.  Though it is an amazing feature, at times, it is seen that the phone does not connect to your TV and you get the error message – ‘unable to retrieve data’, when you are setting up the functionality.  Here are some steps that can work-

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  1.  Ensure that your service provider offers support for the app on your HTC.  Some providers may have compatibility issues.
  2.  Check if you are setting up the device properly.  Sometimes, you may have to clear app-related data and perform the set-up again. For instance, go to Settings – Apps and check the HTC TV app. Clear the data therein and set-up again.
  3.  Check if the app is set up-to-date. Sometimes, because of the fact that the app has an older version, it can lead to problems of connection.

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