iPhone 7 Battery Drain Issue – 4 Solutions to Resolve it

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have been the rave for quite a while but they are plagued with a lot of problems. One of these is the quick draining of the battery forcing users to charge their devices more frequently than before.

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There are fixes that can help you extend the battery period without charging and here are some of them:

Enable low power mode

When you turn on “Low Power Mode” on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, you will add 10 to 20 percent of battery life without compromising core services. Normally when the battery gets below 20 percent, you get a prompt asking you if you want to enable this mode and you should say YES. If you want to do it manually before getting to this point, simply use “Settings > Battery > Toggle Low Power Mode On”

iPhone 7

Turn off location services

If you have ever used Google maps or Waze, then you know that using GPS location services on your iPhone 7 will drain your battery very fast.

You should therefore turn off such services and other unnecessary services on your device. To do so, you should go to “Settings > Privacy”. Here you can completely toggle the locations services off, and you should first find out if there are important services that are using the GPS location before you do so.

Keep a keen eye on your apps

You should monitor the battery usage of your apps. Basically, the more you use an app, the more it uses up the battery. Go to “Settings > Battery” and you will be able to see which apps are using most of your battery resources.

If there seems to be an app that is using an unusually high amount of battery resources, you should check if there is an update or patch that addresses this issue. Yu may also try to reinstall the application and see if the battery use will drop.

Customize the iPhone 7 display

It is important that you manage the display of your iPhone 7 if you want the battery to last a bit longer than it usually does. You should turn off the auto brightness feature and make sure that you have the minimum optimal display that you need; do not make is so dark that you have to strain to use the device. Go to “Settings > Display & Brightness and then adjust the settings.

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