iPhone 7 Hissing Sound – Is There a Fix?

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 adopters are getting concerned about hissing sounds that come from the device when it is under a heavy processor workload. This happens when playing game or doing other tasks that take up a lot of processor resources. The device will continue to function properly, but it is disconcerting when you hear the hissing sound, when other devices are always silent.

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The reason why iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus devices produce hissing sounds under such conditions is not clear. Some techs say that it sound be a coil whine, or another electromagnetic effect. No real reason has been found. Since the problem is not common in all iPhone 7 devices, there is a suggestion that it could be due to manufacturer issues and not the actual design of the device. When contacted, Apple committed itself to finding out what the problem is and giving a clear reason very soon.

iPhone 7

What should you do when you iPhone 7 starts making hissing sounds?

Since the real reason for this sound is not yet clear, you can opt to wait for a patch to be designed or get a replacement device. Some suppliers are opting to replace these hissing units in order to keep their customers happy.

Some forums have intimated that Apple may soon replace sealed units that start making the hissing sounds. This is yet to be confirmed, but it would be a welcome option for people who spent their monies on buying the new device.

To date, there is no hope for a patch to be made to address the iPhone hissing issue, and the only way out is to get a new unit. This will set you back in your savings, but at least you will have a stress-free time when using your device under high processor workloads.

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