LG G3 Aux Cable Issue, Not Able to Connect to External Speakers (Fix)

Some LG G3 owners have found that they are not able to connect their phone to external speakers or vehicle stereos through the double-male 3.5mm Aux cable. It can be irritating when the connection is not established or when the music plays through the speakers of the phone. At times, some users say, there are audible pops between the tracks or some kind of  noisy interference.

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  1. Use another music app and toggle between two music apps
  2. Rub the end of the cable with the LG G3 music playing, till the cable connection is detected.  Then you can immediately plug it into the music system.
  3. The app ‘Soundabout’ is known to help, for some users.
  4.  Find out if the software of the phone is up to date. You can do so by going to Settings – About Phone- Software Information.
  5.  Get another AUX cable, this has resolved the problem for many LG G3 users.
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