London Olympics 2012 Apps

An online survey recently said that 33 percent of people would use Olympics 2012 apps to watch the mega-sporting event on the move, through their smartphones while an equal number were happy to watch the games on their tablets.   From watching live video streams to getting up-to-minute instant notifications about their national team winning a medal or two, the Olympics app is sure to find a lot of takers(and as we are reading it, thousands are even searching for apps).

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Here are the best apps for London Olympics 2012. Let the games begin:

  1. London 2012 Results App – The official London 2012 Olympics app gives you the latest news, schedules and results for Olympics events as they happen live from  July 21 to August 2012. You can also get Paralympics results and live updates as they kick in from August 29 to  September 9, 2012. This is a free app.
  2. London 2012 Official App –  This is the official London 2012 mobile game which include 9 fast paced events which include, pole vault, triple jump, kayak, archery, double trap, 100, 110 meter hurdles,110 meter freestyle and 100 m Butterfly.
  3. NBC Olympics Live Extra –  Available on select Android devices, the NBC Olympics Live Extra presents live streaming of events and even award ceremonies. It also give you replays from different camera angles.  The producer of the app is NBC Sports Group, whose president Chris McCloskey says that the app offers more than3,500 hours of video coverage including the actual sport and post game coverage.
  4. NBC Olympics –  This one is more of an information based app for London 2012 Olympics,  the NBC Olympics gives information on medal counts, athletic profiles, biographies and news.  You can also get extra trivia, polls, videos and slid shows courtesy the partner Prime Time Companion which joins NBC to provide the best from this app. For instance, if you are watching an athlete perform, you may get a pop-up that gives information to his biography.  Though NBC Olympics is free, NBC Olympics Live Extra needs subscription from your telephone company, cable or satellite provider.  You can get it without subscription too, but you will only benefit from 4 hours of streaming. Further, the app is available only in the United States.
  5. BBC Olympics for Android – If you are in the UK and want to stream the Olympics live as it happens, you can download the BBC Olympics for Android.
  6. CTV Olympics for Android – If you are in Canada, you can watch Olympics 2012 live by downloading the app CTV Olympics for Android on your smartphone.  Canadian  Olympic Committee also hopes to release updates of their country’s performance through its app, Canada Cheers 2012.
  7. Medals 2012 – You can get push notifications about the medal tally and updates for your country through Medals 2012.
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