Moto E ‘Dead’ Pixels Problem – Fix

Many Moto E owners have complained of dead or stuck pixels on the screen. It may look like an unresponsive black mark on the display that does not disappear even when the pages are changed.
Follow the steps listed below to resolve the issue:
• Turn the screen off and clean it with a damp microfiber cloth. Now, check if the dark spot on the screen is visible. If you can still see the abnormal spot, then it is not a dead pixel, but some dust or dirt that is trapped beneath the screen. Contact Motorola or drive down to a service center to get the debris removed.
• If the dark spot on display is seen only when the screen is on, then users may power-off the phone completely, wait for 10 to 15 seconds, and then turn on the phone. You may also perform a soft reset. It does not delete the data.
o Ensure that the display is turned on.

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o Now, press and hold the power key for about ten seconds; ignore if any kind of pop-up menu is displayed on the screen and continue pressing. The device will automatically restart.
• Users may also go to Settings and then increase the screen brightness to its maximum levels. This may sometimes burn out the dead pixels on screen.
• Another option is to search and install an app from Google Play Store that will help discover and identify, and even fix the problem of dead pixels.
• If the issue persists, then factory reset the Moto E. It may be noted that a factory reset erases everything and all data from the phone. Hence, back up all the data before a factory reset. Also, there is no guarantee that a factory reset will resolve the issue of dead or stuck pixels. For a factory reset,
o Go to Menu – > Settings – > Backup & Reset – > Factory Data reset – > tap on agree – > tap on Reset Phone. Ensure that all the data is backed up before trying this.
• If you are unable to access the screen reset option, or if reset from the screen does not work, or if the screen freezes during reset, then use the hardware buttons on the phone to perform a factory reset, as listed below:
o Power off the phone.
o Hold down the ‘volume down’ key for a few seconds and then press the power key and then release the keys.
o Different boot options are seen.
o Scroll down to ‘recovery’ using the volume down button and select it by using the volume up button.
o The Motorola logo followed by android in distress image are seen.
o Press and hold down the volume up button for 10 to 15 seconds. During this time tap and release the power button.
o Additional menu options in blue hue are seen.
o Now, scroll to ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option using volume down key and select it using the power key
o Choose ‘YES – delete all user data’ option using the volume down key.
o Press the power button to ‘confirm.’
o After the formatting is over, confirm/select the reboot option by pressing the power button.
o The Moto E will reboot and power up normally.
• If the issue persists, then it may be a hardware fault. Visit a service center for repair or replacement of your Moto E.

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