Moto G Charging Problem? Try This Fix

Motorola does not ship a charger with the Moto G, so as to lower the overall costs. Only a standard USB cable is shipped in the box. The battery can be charged with any normal standard charger.

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Some users of the Moto G have however reported instances of the battery not charging; rebooting of the handset when it is plugged into the charger; automatic powering off of the phone and then not charging; and battery not charging after it has depleted to nil charge.

moto g charging

Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

  • The charging problem may occur if an incorrect charger is used to charge the Moto G battery. Users need to use a standard charger rated between 500 mA and 1.5 A for battery charging purposes. The battery will charge faster with a higher rating. However, charging will not occur if the charger is rated over 1.5 A, or below 500 mA.
  • If the battery has run down to zero and does not turn on, then let the handset cool down for some time. Later, plug the phone to a standard charger and charge for 20 minutes to an hour. Then, try and turn on the phone.
    • It may be noted that a fully drained battery usually does not have enough charge to even power on the device. Also, charging the phone by connecting it to the USB port of a computer can take longer than usual.
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