Moto G – Reboot Problem and Fix

The Moto G screen has a common issue, in which the screen freezes and the phone reboots automatically. The culprit could be a particular app, or the dialer or an unforeseen issue. Here are some tips that may work  –
1.    Tap the power button so that the screen turns off and then retap it to turn it on, back again. This may clear the freezing issue.
2.     Press and hold the power button for a few seconds, so that the phone restarts.

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How to fix the Moto G Rebooting Issue

•    Run the Moto G in safe mode.  Press the power button and tap and hold ‘power off’ till the window showing ‘ reboot to safe mode’ shows up. Tap ‘OK’ and let the devicereboot in safe mode.  You should see ‘Safe Mode’ written at the bottom left area of the screen. If the phone runs properly in the safe mode, it means one of the apps was the issue. You could try and remove the apps that you installed, one at a time, till you find the offending app or do a hard reset and start from the beginning.
•    You can do the hard reset or the factory reset by going to Menu- Settings – Backup and Reset – Factory Data Reset and then tap ‘Reset Phone’. Just ensure that you backup important data first.
•    Sometimes, a fault SIM Card can be a problem. If you have another SIM card, you can work with it and see if the problem is resolved.

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