Must have apps for Android

The Android Market has grown by leaps and bounds since the time it was introduced. We have since then become proud owners of Android phones such as the Samsungs, the Droids and the HTCs. But most of never make full use of the potential of our smart phones. You can however change that by downloading the various apps that exploit all the possibilities that are on offer on Android phones.

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The list provided below has all the apps that are popular among users and very user friendly. They not only make the lives easier but also provide mobile entertainment. Some of these apps are free while others may cost a buck or more.

You can go through the must have Android apps and choose the ones that best suit your needs and wants.

Utility Apps

  • Beautiful Widgets is available for $2.89 and allows you customize the home screen with various features such as clock, weather reports, etc.
  • Days Left Widget Pro is a fun app that is available for 99 cents and allows you to count down the days left for important events.
  • Dolphin Browser HD: In case you do not have an internet browser, you can download this amazing browser for free.
  • History Eraser Pro is downloadable for $ 1.49 and can be used to get rid of all the junk in your Android phone in an instant
  • Lastpass has a $1 monthly subscription charge and allows you to manage your passwords and usernames for various sites.
  • Launcher Pro is free and facilitates the faster launching of multiple apps.
  • Tiny Flashlight + LED is free and can be used to increase the brightness of the screen as well as light up the darkest of places while clicking photos.
  • Where’s My Droid is free and helps in locating misplaced or lost phones.

Reference apps

  • is free and provides easy and ready access to the meaning of various words.
  • Google Maps is free and helps in easy finding of addresses or in simply getting around.
  • Google Translate is free and is used for translation purposes into more than fifty languages.
  • IMDb Movies & TV is free and provides information about the entertainment industry, local listings of shows and movies as well as facilitates the booking of tickets.
  • WebMD for Android is free and provides first aid instructions in case of emergencies and local listings of pharmacies and healthcare professionals.
  • Wikidroid for Wikipedia is free and makes data searching on the go equivalent to child’s play.

Productivity/Organization apps

  • Astrid Task/To-do List is free and one of the best task managers for Android phones.
  • Catch is a cloud based service that is free and facilitates the saving of audio memos, typed notes, photos and other kinds of notes.
  • Documents ToGo is available for $14.99-$29.99 and enables the creation and editing of various documents.
  • Dropbox is free and allows for data from various sources to be saved in the cloud as well as easy access to it from anywhere.
  • is free and facilitates the maintenance of personal finances

Communication apps

  • Facebook for Android is free, reliable and provides easy and fast access to your Facebook account.
  • Google+ is free and one of the best social mobile apps.
  • Google Voice is free and can be used for text messaging, voicemail and a host of other features.
  • IMO Instant Messenger is free and supports IM across platforms.
  • ooVoo Video Calls is free and one of the best and most stable video chat apps for Android phones.
  • Skype is another app that is freely available and can be used for easy access to friends.
  • The Twitter app is also available for free on Android phones.

Music and Video

  • Netflix has a monthly subscription charge of $7.99 and can be used to watch streaming television shows and movies
  • Movies, by Flixster is free and provides reviews and other information about movies.
  • Pandora internet radio is free and one of the best music streaming apps.
  • Slacker Radio is free and another music streaming app with high-grade audio quality
  • Stitcher Radio – News & Talk is free and can be opted for by individuals who prefer talk radio and podcasts.
  • TED Air is free and provides inspirational video-recorded presentations.


  • Angry Birds is free and one of the most popular games for Android phones.
  • Cut the Rope, Words With Friends, Minecraft – Pocket Edition, X Construction, Guns ‘n’ Glory: WW2, Abduction and Jewels are some of the other widely downloaded games. Some of them are free while others cost a few bucks.

Lifestyle, Travel and Shopping apps

  • ESPN Score Center is free and allows for easy access to game scores and other sports news.
  • FXcamera is free and acts as a second camera that enhances even modest photos.
  • GateGuru is free and provides information that makes air travel a lot easier.
  • Groupon is free and offers you great deals and discounts.
  • Kindle is free and enables the user access to hundreds of magazines, newspapers and magazines without buying an e-reader.
  • RedLaser is free and facilitates the use of the Android phone camera as a barcode scanner. In addition, it gives additional information about the product.
  • Yelp is free and like the yellow pages
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