OnePlus 3T has Battery Drain – 3 Tips to Resolve this Problem


The OnePlus 3T has battery drainage problems especially after a user updates the Android system to the Nougat. You may leave the phone at 90% charge when sleeping and find it at less than 10% the next morning, yet you never used it through the night. Take a look at some of the solutions that you can implement in order to resolve this battery drainage issue.

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Tip 1) The simple though inconvenient solution

Start off by going to “Settings > Battery” and then checking on which apps are using up most of your battery capacity. If you find that the Android OS & Android systems are the ones that are taking up most of your battery power, then you should skip to the second tip below. However, if these are not the culprits, then you should manually uninstall the apps that are responsible for the battery drain.

Mostly the drain could be due to heavy apps, where you can install Lite versions. E.g. use Facebook Lite instead of the traditional Facebook app that comes with the device. Uninstalling apps and then installing their Lite versions can be inconvenient, but it will save your battery from fast drainage.


Tip 2) The not-so-simple and slightly inconvenient solution

If the Android OS and the Android system are the ones draining your battery, it may be due to the fact that they try to backup your device on Google servers even when the OnePlus 3T is idle. These processes will keep the CPU running and this is why you notice a considerable drop in battery capacity even when you leave the phone unused for the night.

To counter this effect, you need to turn off the Backup & Reset options within the settings. When this option is enabled, the OnePlus 3T will keep on backing up data at set periods depending on your account configuration. Such data includes call history, text messages, photos, WiFi passwords, files, app settings and a lot more. So if you do not need these backups, then turn off the backup service.

Tip 3) The convenient solution

Google Play Services also drain the battery without your knowledge, and it is best to give them a fresh start. Go to “Settings > Apps” and select Google Play Services. Once inside the app settings, go to “Storage > Manage Space” and then select “Clear All Data”. This will help in lessening the battery drain on your device and there will be no effect on the settings and Google data on your OnePlus 3T; you will not even notice that something has been changed. All deleted data will be rebuilt automatically once you go to Google Play Store and other Google apps.

Using the above tips will definitely improve the battery life on your OnePlus 3T. This fault was particularly apparent when users updated their Android OS to the Android Nougat version. The tips above will not affect the built-in settings of the device and they will conserve your battery; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so go ahead and implement them.

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