OnePlus 3T Heating Problem – How to Fix it?


The OnePlus 3T has been plagued by some battery problems since it was launched. There is the battery drain issue and now the phone overheats when it is being charged. So how do you go about fixing this overheating problem? Here are some solutions to address this issue:

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Close or delete problematic apps

If you recently installed some apps and the phone suddenly started overheating during charging, then this may be due to some background processes that run when you are charging the phone. You should start off by closing the apps, and then seeing if the battery will stop overheating. If not, then you may simply have to uninstall the app altogether.

Do not use the OnePlus 3T when charging it

Applications are not the only features that may cause the OnePlus 3T or any other Smartphone from overheating. You will find that some users will keep on chat apps like Whatsapp, even when they are charging the phone. Such apps drain the battery and the charger has to add on more power to increase the battery capacity while charging. It is best that you turn off your OnePlus 3T and then let it charge to 100% before you use it again; this will lessen the heating issue.

The fingerprint sensor may be the problem

The fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus 3T can also cause the device to overheat when it is charging. This will happen if you are charging the phone when it is face-down or something is lying on top of it. The fingerprint sensor will keep on looking for a fingerprint in order to turn on the screen. This will cause drainage and the phone will overheat when charging. Make sure that the device is laying face-up and there is nothing covering the fingerprint sensor.

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