OnePlus 5 Camera Issue: Blurry Pictures – Is There a Fix?


There has been some misinformation concerning the launch of the OnePlus 5 mobile phone. OnePlus had said that their camera, a dual-camera setup, will have 2X optical zoom capabilities, and this is not truly accurate. The camera has a 1.6X zoom, with the balance of the 2X zoom being facilitated by digital zoom. The OnePlus CEO, Carl Pei” went to twitter and said that the 2X zoom feature was for lossless zoom and not optical zoom. Their new tech, dubbed the SmartCapture Multiframe technology is the one that makes up for this difference in the Zoom feature.

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Considering OnePlus made such a fuss over camera tech it is strange that it made this slip up during its presentation. It really was just a lack of clarity in phrasing, mind you, as it can be interpreted either way, but it’s clear from multiple reports of the launch that most correspondents believed the phone had 2x optical zoom.

The optical zoom is not the only feature that has raised a furor about the OnePlus 5 camera; many users have said that the camera is mediocre at best, giving blurry pictures. Reviewers and users all say that the quality of the imaging is not that impressive. The clarity, quality and the dual camera lens have been put to question.

Apart from the absence of Optical Image Stabilization, one of the reasons for blurry pictures with OnePlus 5 especially in low light, is that the sensor needs time to attract all the light it can possibly can.

Although OnePlus claims that this is the best camera that they have ever put out, users say that OnePlus has not done much in order to keep up with the competition. Android phones are now differentiated by the quality of their imaging systems, in conjunction with design, battery life and bezel-less screens. As for the camera, one expects software updates to ease the camera issues

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