OnePlus One – Battery Drain (Fix)

The OnePlus One smartphone comes with a heavy-duty 3,100 mAh battery. Users are however still experiencing issues of battery drain and reduced battery life. Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

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  • Limit the use of backlight. You may achieve this by decreasing the display sleep time. For this,
    • Go to Settings – > Display and Lights – > Sleep – > Lower it to thirty seconds.
    • If the brightness of the screen is set to high, then decrease it. You may manually increase it as and when needed.
    • Verify the apps which are consuming the majority of battery power. You may check these by going to Settings – > battery. Later, go to Settings – > Apps – > tap on the relevant apps – > and force stop them.
    • As is the case with most smart devices, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and other similar features tend to drain the battery. To keep them turned off when not in use.
    • The OnePlus One comes with the latest CyanogenMod built-in OS which permits users to create custom profile presets. These can be applied via the power menu. Build a profile preset which automatically disables data sync, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other battery-draining apps, when the battery has low charge.
    • Enable the power save mode on the device to save battery power. To do this,
    • Settings – > Performance – > Profile – > turn on Powersaver Mode.
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