S Pen apps for Samsung Galaxy Note

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Some of the S Pen apps for Samsung Galaxy Note are listed below:

  • American Football Clipboard: This app provides with a pro football coach’s clipboard. A user can express various strategies and plays, jot down notes about the team and use the S Pen to move the ball and the players. Also, one can save an indefinite number of plays into the playbook, which can be quickly loaded from the sidelines.
  • Basketball Coach’s Clipboard: This app is just like the actual whiteboard of the coach, but on the Note’s screen. The app allows users to draw and save an indefinite number of plays, develop the strategies, and then animate them. The S Pen can be used to erase and draw lines where required, move the players across the screen and animate the different plays. They can then be saved and loaded onto the playbook.
  • Amazon Kindle: It is one of the best ways to read e-books, whether they are bestsellers or classics, on the Samsung Galaxy Note. The big screen on the Note makes for easier reading while the S Pen can be used to easily highlight text with superior precision. It is also possible for users to enjoy reading magazines and newspapers on the Note along with color images of high resolution. The e-books can be synched across devices. Also, a user can customize the reading experience by setting the screen, font size and background color to one’s choice.
  • Soccer Coach’s Clipboard: This app will aid one’s team in making the best moves on the soccer field. One can develop the plays and move the players throughout the screen with the S Pen. The plays can then be saved into a playbook and then quickly loaded from the sidelines. Other options include choosing half or full field mode, erasing or drawing lines, and altering the line and player colors or the animation speed.
  • Deer Hunter Challenge: It is a hunting app which takes users to different parts of the world into intense wilderness during a search for the biggest game. The GPS map can be used by players to aim at moose, cougars, and other big games. There are a number of customizable weapons that are available for the user, like a shotgun, rifle, crossbow, etc.
  • ChatON: This app supports several devices and platforms and thus lets a user experience a richer and better communication with pals. User can avail of a number of fun ways to communicate such as chats, pictures, animated messages, broadcasts and audio. One can employ the S Pen to draw and color animated messages and then send them to friends.
  • Flick Golf: This app can make one addicted to Golf. It is quite a popular app which has grown rapidly to include two new courses, brand new medals and a choice to unlock every course. Users can spin, flick and curve the shots while making sure that they avoid various dangers like trees, bunkers and sand. One can set a course for different wind effects as well. The amazing 3D environments and the accuracy of in flight control can leave a user gasping for more.
  • Kids ABC Learn and Trace: It is an app that is both entertaining and educational. A child can use the S Pen to trace both the lower and upper case letters and then match the starting letter to a picture.
  • Fruit Ninja Free: It is a popular app that allows users to indulge in splashy, squishy and entertaining destruction of different fruits. One can use the S Pen to swipe through the screen like a ninja warrior. A user can opt for single player mode with 3 options, i.e., Arcade, Zen or Classic or worldwide leaderboards that use Openfeint. There a bonus Dojo section that comes with backgrounds and blades that can be unlocked.
  • Make Me Bald: It is a fun app which allows a user to use the S Pen and play around with various photos. One can take a picture from Facebook, the camera or a photo gallery and then shave off the hair, draw moustaches, etc.
  • Posterous Spaces: This app allows users to easily share photos, ideas, videos and artwork created on the Galaxy Note with family, friends and others. The app allows the control of data sharing every time and facilitates rapid posting of all kinds of data. The viewing can be made public or private or the posts can be broadcast to various websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Solo: This virtual guitar app is the most popular one in the Android world. The app can be referred to when playing a guitar or can be used during jamming sessions when a physical guitar is not readily available. The S Pen can be used to mimic the actions of a guitar pick. The app interface can be customized to suit the playing style of the user. Some of the app features include a large chord library along with diagrams; acoustic, classical and electric guitars; and the option to play along with any music present in the Note.
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