Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Price, Features, S Pen, Pictures

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was unveiled on IFA Berlin and New York City’s Times Square on September 3RD.  The company says that it has endeavored to keep the phone ‘slimmer, lighter, faster, larger and better’.  The screen size is large at 5.7 inches.   The width of the phone is same as that of Samsung Note II.  The phone has a sleek leather-like exterior and comes in 3 variant colors – bluish pink, classic white and jet black.  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes in covers that can come in as many as 10 colors. You can also opt for a folding cover with a ‘window’ that shows part of the screen

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The S Pen Stylus of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the most advanced one. When you hover the S Pen on the screen, a circle is formed. If you tap on the screen and click the button of the pen, a semi-circular menu called ‘Air Command’ is opened. The menu has functions like ‘Scrapbook’ which allows users to save content onscreen by marking it with a circle through the S Pen.  The S Note, the note taking app gets an upgrade too. You will find that the data is organized into ‘notebooks’. Samsung has also integrated the app with Evernote, users can use its premium-service free for 12 months, when they buy Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a new feature known as Multi-vision which allows many users of the Note 3 to combine their displays into one image. The amazing Multi-window function of Note 2 now provides for running two windows from the same app. Galaxy Note 3 will release on September 25 in 149 countries along with Galaxy Gear Smart watch and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet.

Galaxy Note 3 Price

The price of the handset is around $600 in USA.  T-Mobile customers may either have to pay the full price or pay the down-payment which is $150 to $200, and then pay $20 -$25 monthly till the full price is paid off. There is no contract pricing with T-Mobile; you are not bound by the contract to buy the device into the network.

The other major US mobile networks may offer Samsung Galaxy Note at a price of $250 to $300 at least for the first few days. Galaxy Note 2 and 1 were offered at a price tag of $299.99 on contract, so the pricing is definitely no less this time.  Considering the amazing array of features and big screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is sure to make a killing in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Pictures

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