Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Life Problem – Fix

Samsung Galaxy Note battery life has come under scanner for draining rather quickly, As many people have stated that no matter the claims, the actual performance of the battery is below par.   Since the king-sized device takes a lot of power for its Super AMOLED screen, big screen, 3G, Wi-Fi, Camera, GPS, it is understandable that the battery power may be compromised at a faster rate.

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How to improve Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Life

Here are some ways in which you can increase the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note –

  1.  Turn off 3G when you are not using the phone – If you put the phone on 3G, the device beings to search for 3G network which results in battery drain. To improve battery life on your Samsung Note, go to Applications – Settings – Wireless & Network – Mobile networks – Network mode and choose the GSM only option.
  2. Keep WiFi and Bluetooth disabled – These two are infamous for draining battery and if you disable them, your phone’s battery life can be improved significantly.  You can disable GPS by going to Home- Applications – Location and Security and uncheck the ‘Use GPS Satellites’ option.  You can disable the WI-FI from going to Settings and choose WI-FI and disable it.  It is better not to use the camera function when the phone is losing battery.
  3. Improve the performance of your Samsung Galaxy Note Battery – Do not overcharge your handset more than required  It takes almost 3 hours for the phone to recharge but if you leave the device plugged on for hours, through the night, the battery can be affected.  If you want to improve your Samsung Galaxy Note battery life, charge the phone only when the battery falls  below 10 percent level.  Use the original charger which you have got with the phone.   Though  people also charge the phone with USB data cable, it is not good for the battery health.  This is because the power that comes from the USB is not fixed and can ruin the performance of your Samsung Galaxy Note battery. The golden pins on the Samsung Galaxy note battery need to be cleaned regularly you can do this one in two months with a dry cloth. Make sure you treat them gently and not pull them. Just rub the pins gently with the dry clothe to remove dust, dirt and other foreign substances.
  4. Do not use Samsung  Galaxy Note Live Wallpapers – Yes, the live wallpapers look good but they tend to drain your Samsung Galaxy note battery as well.  If you click on ‘Battery’ in settings, you will see it is the Screen that takes most battery power.  So avoid animated papers , live wallpapers and use regular ones. If you want to improve your Samsung Galaxy Note battery life significantly, use dark wallpapers.
  5. Reduce the brightness of Samsung Galaxy Note – Stop using the ‘Automatic Brightness Adjust’ option and manually reduce brightness.  You can turn off this option by going to Home – Applications – Settings- Sound and Display- Brightness.
  6. Battery Savings Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note – Battery saving apps like Juice Defender, Better Battery Saver and Easy Battery Saver can improve the battery life for your phone. These apps turn off the apps and processes that run in the background and increase the battery life.  You can check them out and download at the Google Play Store.

Using the above options and managing your Samsung Galaxy Note well can increase its battery life.


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