Samsung Galaxy S2 – Battery Drain (Fix)

If you face battery drain issues with your Samsung Galaxy S2,  here are some of the tips that can help

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  •  The Power Control Widget – This widget can be used to turn off wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Brightness. The one-touch control can easily turn off wireless connectivity that consumes a lot of battery on your device.
  •   Turn off Live Wallpapers – Even if you do not use the phone, you will find that the battery on your Galaxy S2 drains, usually due to live wallpapers. Change your wallpaper to the static one,   the device saves a lot of energy in this process.
  • Sync email manually – Syncing your email manually can help in saving the battery life on your S2.  Simply go to Settings – Accounts and Sync – and choose the accounts you want to sync.

Since the Jelly Bean update, many uses have complained of battery drain on their Galaxy S2. In many scenarios, the application that took a lot of battery steam was Google Now. Turn it off. Just go to Google Now – Menu- Settings and choose Google Now. On the top right, there is an option to turn it off.

Switch on the Power Saving mode in the notification panel.  A good battery saving app like Power Max can also help increase the battery life on your S2.

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