Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is an amazing android smartphone that comes with almost all the features required of a smartphone. However, all the features amount to nothing if the battery life is pithy. A poor battery life would render the phone useless and just be a showpiece.

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Presented below is an overview of the battery life for the Samsung Galaxy S2, under different conditions as well as some ways to extend the battery life.

Most smartphones tend to last for a day and need charging in the night. If you forget to charge the phone overnight, then you would probably end up with a dead device the next day.

When we get the S2 for the first time, all of us are fascinated by its many features and we try them out throughout the day. Engaging in activities such as listening to Spotify, frequently watching videos, web browsing via 3G, random checking of places and maps with GPS, using Push email, reading books and playing games through the day is more likely to offer you a battery life of nine to ten hours.

However, once we have had our hearts fill of the gadget, we may get surprised by the fact that normal usage can get you close to two days of battery time on the S2. This is the case even when the accounts are synching while the phone is in use. Thus, if you forget your S2 charger on a weekend getaway, you don’t need to fret, as it is possible to use the device as a texting and calling tool for both the weekend days without it requiring a battery recharge. But this does not mean that you should go without charging your Samsung S2 for two days. You still need to charge the battery on a daily basis for optimum performance.

Some of the ways to optimize the battery charge on the Samsung Galaxy S2 are as follows:

  • The Super AMOLED Plus screen of the Samsung S2 is the biggest consumer of battery life. Hence one can disable the automatic brightness on the phone and instead manually set the phone’s display to a lowered brightness level to get more out of the battery.
  • Battery power is also consumed while trying to connect to a carrier signal. Thus in case you are travelling to areas, where there is poor network connectivity, then you can switch between 2G and 3G connections to enhance battery life.
  • Widgets consume battery life as they frequently use the auto sync and data connectivity options of the phone. A plethora of widgets can decrease battery life and hence you should choose only the important widgets such as weather, news, etc.
  • Features such as GPS and Bluetooth also consume battery power and hence should be turned off when not in use to save on battery life.
  • Most of us tend to charge the battery whenever we get the opportunity and may do so even if the battery does not require any charging. This may result in a fully charged battery at most times, but does tend to affect the overall health of the battery. Quick charges or overcharging can also degrade the battery life. The best way to charge the battery is to wait till it reaches the red mark and then do a full cycle recharge without any interruptions.

Disabling motion sensors and auto rotate feature when not in use as well as the use of a simple background picture instead of a live wallpaper can also improve the battery life.

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