Samsung Galaxy S3 apps – Free and Recommended

Just purchased the dream smartphone of the season ? Well, it is time to choose some of the coolest and important Samsung Galaxy S3 apps that will look so good on the phone  and make life simpler,

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What you need to do is go to Playstore and search for the apps.  There are apps based on categories too which you can make use of by going over to each individual category.   For now, here are the top appS for Samsung Galaxy S3, from an overall perspective that you should have on your phone

  1. Whatsapp –  Easily one of the best and reliable apps for any smartphone, whatsapp can be incredibly helpful for chatting, sending messages, uploading and sending pictures on the go, sending videos and yes, even sharing those lovely kissable icon. Fancy a beautiful dress at a shop ? Click the picture with your Samsung Galaxy S3 and send it over to your husband on his smartphone. He will instantly reply ‘yes’ or ‘look for a better one.”
  2.  Juice Defender – Smartphones are blamed for low battery life and Samsung Galaxy S3 battery drain issue is also a problem that cannot be denied.  Just install Juice Defender. What it does is, it turns off all the data  signals that you are not using. So all the background apps that are running are closed and you get much better battery life.  Another alternative is Easy Battery Saver.  Here are some of the best battery savings apps for your Android phone.
  3.  Instagram – The Samsung Galaxy S3 camera is already a gem, but why not accentuate its quality and functionalities by installing Instagram, one of the most popular apps today ? You can also add fillers, effects and edit your picture.
  4. Dropbox –  Dropbox is your on-the-move postbox.  Upload all photos, documents and videos in dropbox and get access to them from one place.
  5. SwiftKey X –  Need a keyboard replacement  for Samsung Galaxy S3 ? Install Swift Key X and you will notice the difference, it is smooth and slick. Find out which is a better keyboard app, Swift Key X or Swype.
  6. Dophin Browser –  It has been noticed that Dolphin Browser works real quick and slick on ICS. Since Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), make the best use of this fantastic browser. Here are some of the other best browser for Android phones.
  7. AndroSensor –  Easily, the best diagnostic tool to know everything about your Samsung Galaxy S3.  Get  information about everything from the location of your device to network to battery functioning and status.
  8. Talking Cat – The fun app is good fun, because it talks back to you whatever you say. Kids and friends are sure to be entertained.
  9. MX Player – MX Player is one of the best Android video player. Watch movies in high resolution and come back to the movie after you finish that call. It is the first Android video player to perform multicore decoding.
  10. Kindle for Android – This app gives you access to millions of books on your Samsung Galaxy S3.  Now you don’t need a Kindle device anymore, the app can do well for you to read magazines, books and newspapers on your device.
  11. Pulse News – This is an award winning news app that you can install on Samsung Galaxy S3. It is a beautiful app that takes your favorite websites and presents them in the form of a beautiful mosaic. You can also share the news easily on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and email them too.
  12. IMDB –  If you love the movies, what can be better than the famous IMDB app for your Samsung Galaxy S3. Get access to millions of movie stars, movie profiles, reader reviews, ratings and feedback and trivia that you can impress your like-minded friends with.
  13. Fring  or Nimbuzz – Both are universal instant messaging applications that you can use to chat with your Gtalk friends, Yahoo friends, Skype clients, colleagues and other people on social networking sites.
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