Samsung galaxy s3 Extended Battery

To address the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery drain issue, we have the extended battery that promises to improve the life of the smartphone. Here are two of the best ones in the business

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  1. Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery  – This includes two 2,200 mAH batteries and a universal charger.  These  come with integrated chips to prevent over-charging which increases the battery life.   There is a cool LED on the wall charger which indicates the charging status.  The 2,200 mAH is only 100 mAH more than what comes with your standard Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.  Though it may not be the best battery in the world, it is a good replacement for your original battery.
              Some people believe that Onite rechargeable batteries are also good                      extended battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 but there have been cases when                the battery does not fit in the socket. Please check with the company and                get clarification before investing in Onite.2.
2, Mugen Power Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3

Mugen is the manufacturer of high capacity battery for tablets, smartphones and other hand-held devices.  It has recently come up with the new HLI-i9300SL Mugen Power 2300mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 which increases the power of your phone.

Compared to the 2100mAh battery offered by Samsung Galaxy S3, this extended Lithium-Ion battery delivers 10 percent more than the original. For those who are on the move, the battery can be a boon because the device can work longe. Mugen Batteries claim that they  have done continual quality tests with Samsung Galaxy S3 to find out if matches the quality it has set and they are pleased with what they have found.  The battery is also compliant with CE conditions.Mugen Power 2300mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 priced at US$44.95 direct from Mugen Power Batteries.

Head over here to check  Mugen Power 2300mAh Extended Battery for your phone.

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