Samsung Galaxy S3 Freezing Problem

The problem of Samsung Galaxy S3 freezing or hanging has given trouble to some users, particularly in the models that are sold in 2013.  If you encounter this problem with a new S3 which is well within warranty, you can give it back to the mobile store to get a replacement.

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It has been seen that most cases of Galaxy S3 freezing are with phones that do not seem to have problems for a few months, only to get this problem all of a sudden. In this case, it is mostly a software  issue which could be triggered by an Android 4. 1.2 update.

One of the fixes to resolve the Galaxy S3 freezing problem is by holding the Power button and restarting. Alternatively, you can power off the phone and turn it on again.  This should work in most cases but you may see that the problem does recur.

Another way in which you can fix the Galaxy S3 freezing issue  is by removing the battery and putting it back again.  However, this is  not a method we would recommend.  Some people have seen that by rolling back the update, they were able to solve the issue but not completely. At the most, it can only reduce the regularity of freezing.

Returning the device for replacement or repair is always a good solution.  In most cases, a faulty mother board is the reason and replacement does solve the issue. If the handset is under warranty, it can definitely work in your favor.  It has also been seen that in most cases, the Galaxy S3 problem solves by itself in 10-15 minutes indicating a software issue. You can also go to  Home Button and go to the task manager and close the programs that clash to resolve the issue.

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