Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs iPhone 5

Close on the heels of its most popular model, arrives Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini as competition to iPhone 5. It is a mini version of Samsung Galaxy S3. There has been a lot of buzz around regarding the fact that this was supposed to be an iPhone 5 killer. Just to clear the air around this, let’s take a look at the features of this new mini phone.

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It’s definitely not an entry level handset, although it is a 4 inch mini version of the Galaxy S3. However, this handset cannot be classified as a high end smartphone like the iPhone 5 or even the 4.8 inch Samsung Galaxy S3. As regards to size and weight, there isn’t much difference between The Galaxy “mini” and the iPhone 5. They weight is similar at around 112 grams each.

Processor: When you take a closer look, the internals of Galaxy S3 mini are a little different. Processor used is 1GHz dual core processor and iPhone 5 includes the superior 1.2 GHz dual core A6 chip.

Camera: The modifications are seen in both – the front facing and rear facing cameras. Front facing camera is now VGA and rear facing camera has seen a step down from 8 mp in the S3 to a 5 mp in the S3 mini. iPhone 5 wins with a 8mp rear facing camera and a 1.2 mp front facing camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini does not provide LTE support. It only supports HPSA bands.

Memory: Galaxy S3 Mini will be available in both 8GB and 16 GB versions. You can conveniently expand the memory to 32 GB. As for iPhone 5, you get to choose from 16GB/ 32GB / 64GB versions.

Operating system: With Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and iPhone 5, there is no comparison for the OS used, as it’s completely different. The Galaxy S3 mini runs on the latest Android OS from Google, the Jelly Bean. iPhone 5 comes with the iOS6 which has numerous new features.

S Voice and Siri: The Galaxy S3 mini comes pre-installed with S Voice, which is said to be equivalent to Apple’s Siri, however the performance of S Voice still needs to be tuned to get there.

Samsung’s latest mini has a lot of cool features to offer other than these. But it’s definitely not going to be considered as any rival or threat to the iPhone 5. The device got its own market and iPhone has own set of fans. Those Android fans with this mini version of Galaxy may be actually pleased to see the handset. If you are looking at making a choice between the two, Galaxy S3 “mini” is not an iPhone 5 killer – that’s for sure. However the device has its own charm and has features that you would love. The price for the mini is not yet out, but it is expected to do well in the higher end or mid range. If you are an android fan, the mini is a good mid range choice. But iPhone 5 still stands taller in the comparison.

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