Samsung Galaxy S3 – Not Charging

The most popular smartphone  of the season, Samsung Galaxy S3 is plagued with some common issues which includes slow charging (no charging), battery drain  wi-fi issues and overheating.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 No Charging

Some people have complained that the phone charges intermittently and gets stuck somewhere in the middle. For instance, at times, the charging gets stuck at 22 percent and from there it fails to charge at all, despite the charger being plugged for hours.  Cynthia Rhodes from USA says, “The charging on my Samsung Galaxy S3 definitely is an issue. Though the battery is fine, whenever I charge it, it gets stuck at some percentage and simply refuses to move up. ‘When prodded if she tried with another charger, she explains, “Yes, I have. It is the same thing but after some time it did charge.”

Samsung Galaxy Slow Charging

Blake Mathers from UK says that Samsung Galaxy S3 charges slowly and gives him lot of grief. “Well, I am charging this phone for like 9 hours and it is still at 40 percent. The phone is definitely not worth £500 I shelled out.  I don’t know what the problem is, it just starts to charge and stop.” Another user chimes in, “Yes, I got Samsung Galaxy S3  a week ago and I have found that the phone charges pretty slowly; it remains at the same percentage for hours.   I have tried it all – using a different charger, charging from USB. But the results are inconsistent, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Fix for Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Issue

  • We have to first rule out if it is a charger issue or the phone that is causing the problem.  Try and clean the micro USB port.  Try charging through USB cable connected to your PC or laptop. Though the charging will be slow, you will come to know if it is a charger issue or not. Also be sure that you are using the actual official Samsung Galaxy S3 charger which came with the box and not some other one, like that of Samsung Galaxy S2.
  • You can take your Samsung Galaxy S3 to the nearest authorized service provider or at the store from where you purchased the phone for free service or replacement of the handset.
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