Samsung Galaxy S3 – Speaker Problem (Fix)

Some users have experienced speaker issues with Samsung Galaxy S3 microphone, experiencing signal strengths dropping quickly during the calls.  This resulted in the person on the other end not being able to hear you clearly or you not being able to understand what he or she was saying.  A firmware update was given to even out these issues.   You may also try restarting the phone to solve the problem.

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If you still find issue with your Samsung Galaxy S3 audio or microphone, you can try these steps –

  1.  Go to Settings – Accessibility and ensure that ‘Turn off All Sounds’ is not checked. Go to Settings – Sound and check if the volume levels are correct and the sound is turned on.
  2. Go to Menu- Call Settings – Additional Settings and remove the checkmark on Noise Reduction.  With this, you may find there is no more echo problems and better call clarity.
  3. Look at the bottom side of your device; you will see the microphone hole.  Find out if there is some dust or something struck there which could cause the problem.  You have to be careful while cleaning, use compressed air to remove the foreign particle out.
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