Samsung Galaxy S3 Waterproof Cases and Covers

Samsung Galaxy S3 case manufacturers have come up with waterproof cases and covers of high quality and durability.  However, these  S3 cases released late because accessory manufacturers who make things like cases, adapters, covers,  are also kept in the dark about a product launch. Unlike what we think, even these accessory manufacturers do not have a clue of how the new device looks and they obviously cannot build a case on speculation.

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Huge companies like Apple and Samsung do not share anything about their design, build and engineering even with their business partners for the sake of things getting leaked.  Lynette Prigmonre, Head of Product Development for  Proporta, one of the biggest case manufacturers for Samsung Galasxy brand of phones as well as iPhone says, “ Retailers should understand that if they do not have device in their shops even the day before the launch, even we, the manufacturers do not have it either.”

Another famous case manufacturer Incipio says that they prepare and design cases for phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 in advance. CEO Andy Fatollahi says, “We take mills of devices that we carry around with us before we design the cases. We want to get a feel for what the product is going to be like. Then we carry those around with the cases on to see what that feels like because as a user you are going to live with that case for a long time and we want to make sure it is right”. He adds that 75 percent of the design does go waste bceasue the phone dimensions do change to a major extent, and the actual thing is a far cry from the rumor that floated around it.

“I look at them all, sites like I have a whole bunch of sites set up on my Twitter and I use that like an RSS feed. I don’t tweet much myself but at the end of the day I go home and I check Twitter and see what everyone has been saying and watch the videos,” he said.

Lynettee agrees, “”We would be stupid if we didn’t look at that. Also we are in the tech industry so we read rumours on everything not just phones or Facebook, anything that is out there.  We keep a close watch and if we feel that there is something concrete, we push the button “ Though she did not name specific sites, she said that her team does set up Google alerts and has discussions on Facebook and Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases

  • Proporta – Proporta has come up with cool Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, that is sure to make an impression in terms of durability and style.  There is an ‘Aquapac’ case, a full waterproof case to a depth of five meters.  This case as claimed by the company is salt-water and UV resistant.  Then there are leather cases with protective aluminum lining to protect your Galaxy S3.
  • Clove Technology – Clove Technology has come up with a wide variety of Samsung Galaxy S3 cases which come with intricate designing and layers of protection. There are cases which contain little holes to give a funny look in addition to ventiliation.  This one also provides  Aquapac waterproof cases. “Independently tested and guaranteed as watertight up to depths of five metres this case is great for those who spend time outdoors exposed to the elements, most particularly water,” says Clove Technology head.
  • Sacases – Sacases has amazing covers and cases for your Samsung Galaxy S3, which also includes ultra-slim leather vertical pouch bag in black and brown colors.  The cool cases can protect your Galaxy S3 from dust, grime and scratches.  The cool pouch cases come with superb quality nylon cloth material.
  • Incipio – Incipio has come up with six new Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, which are stylish, durable and have great color options. These are priced between $19.99 and $29.99. They have the ‘leather shine’ , ‘leather’, ‘NGP’  and Silicrylic Dual Pro varieties which you can check out.
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