Samsung Galaxy S3 – WiFi Problems (Fix)

Connectivity issues can arise when there is a problem with the device or computer you are using or the cellular network that provides the service. If your phone is experiencing problems, there could be issues with software installations or other technical aspects. However, for Galaxy S3, there have been serious connectivity issues with new devices, which have just been obtained from the stores. Perhaps Samsung needs to check this out. 

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There are users who have claimed that they are experiencing connectivity issues on Wi-Fi at home or office. Their Galaxy S3 devices are unable to connect steadily with their networks. Even those who succeeded in establishing a connection, they complained that maintaining it only got more than a few minutes. 


According to a user at XDA-Developers forum, the connectivity issue has its root cause emanating from within the handset and not the cellular network. There are also more users who claim that they have also experienced such connectivity issues. The most common “Fix” right now is something that was learned from XDA developers. 

And, to fix the issue, these steps have been recommended;

  • First go to phone dialer and dial *#0011#
  • If a ServiceMode screen appears, you press the left menu button and select Wi-Fi
  • After that, you will see the Wi-Fi Power Save Mode button, which is ON. You need to turn it OFF.
  • Next, you exit that menu and then turn your Wi-Fi connection off and on again. When you have entered your Wi-Fi credentials, you forget about the network information by removing it and re-entering it again.
 There may be a possibility in which your Galaxy S3 is connecting fine but WIFI connection drops.  Turn your phone off and back on.  Go to Settings – Wi-Fi and  click the Menu Button to choose Advanced and make sure that Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is kept Always.
Also, check if the issue is with the router.  You can also download an app like Wifi Analyzer to find out the cause of your Galaxy S3 wifi issue.
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  1. Thank you sooooo much! I’ve had problems for the last 2 weeks and haven’t been able to solve this issue but having followed your instructions, it seems to have resolved it! 🙂

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